A comparison of the spanish and american lifestyles

Etiquette and manners seen as measure of breeding.

A comparison of the spanish and american lifestyles

Contact Us Unit 1 - Spain in the New World to Bristol Mariners seem to have visited Canada in the s, and Christopher Columbus may have learned of, and been inspired by, their voyages. By Englishmen were trading in Newfoundland and parts south, and organizing syndicates, some involving Azorean Portuguese, to exploit the fisheries there.

England did not miss the entire European rediscovery of the Western Hemisphere, but did retire early. While England slept, Spain became dominant in the New World and on the high seas.

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After finding gold in recoverable quantities nearby, the Spanish quickly overran the island and spread to Puerto Rico into Jamaica inand to Cuba in The natives fared badly.

Many died in one-sided armed conflict with soldiers and settlers, or in forced servitude in mines and on plantations. Others died of diseases to which they had no immunity. By mid-century, the native Ciboney of Hispaniola and western Cuba were extinct, and other tribes, including the Arawak of Puerto Rico, were nearly so.

Beginning inSpanish settlements sprang up on the mainland of Central and South America. Injust six years after Balboa had crossed the Isthmus of Panama and claimed the entire Pacific Ocean for Spain, Pedro Arias de Avila, Balboa's father-in-law and executioner, founded the city of Panama on the Pacific coast.

The same year, Hernan Cortes led a small force from Cuba to the Gulf coast of Mexico, founded Veracruzand set about destroying the Aztec empire. Most of Mexico fell within two years. Subsequent conquistadors followed the example set by Cortes.

ByFrancisco Pizarro, had effected the early stages of his conquest of the Inca empire of Peru. By Spain had dominion over the West Indies and Central America and its large surviving native population. New World mines yielded gold and silver for Spain in far greater amounts than France and Portugal had ever been able to extract from West Africa.

One-fifth of the total production, the quinto real, went to the Spanish Crown.

A comparison of the spanish and american lifestyles

The average value of silver shipped to Spain rose to a million pesos a year before the conquest of Peru, and to more than 35 million a year by the end of the century.

Cacao, cochineal, hides, spices, sugar, timber, and tobacco yielded additional income. Seville, through which all legal trade with the colonies passed, became a great financial center and nearly quadrupled in size between and With such wealth at stake, Spain was concerned about possible interference by other nations.

Initially, only Portugal posed a serious threat to Spanish monopoly. Intended to exclude Spain from Africa and India, and Portugal from the Far East, this treaty also effectively deprived Spain of any legitimate claim to much of present-day Brazil.

Shortly after the ratification of the treaty, Portugal gained control of trade with the Spice Islands, and showed occasional interest in Newfoundland. Into eliminate the threat of Portuguese expansion, Spain annexed Portugal. Although Spain mortgaged Venezuela to a German banking house for a brief periodshe was successful in keeping most interlopers out of her holdings from Mexico to Chile for the remainder of the sixteenth century.Comparing Settlement Patterns: New Spain, New France, and British North The Spanish, French, and English all established major colonial settlements in North America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In each colony, settlement In comparison with the British, who sought control over their Native American allies, the French.

A comparison of the spanish and american lifestyles

British and Spanish colonization of America differed in terms of their approach and backing, as well as in their religious and social standing.

Spanish explorers were authorized by their monarchy to conquer new territory for the Spanish empire in order to increase trade and spread Catholicism. Cultural Differences between Mexico, the USA and Canada Although the three countries that make up North America are physically close, Mexico is simply a different country than her northern neighbors.

and be aware of the fact that your assumptions about how things are done, often are not true. The following comparison table provides a. Culture Shock: Life in Spain vs. Life in the U.S. [Infographic] May 13, / 1 Comment / in Spanish, TakeLessons Teachers / by Suzy S. Spain is a popular country to travel to for pleasure, for school, or even for a permanent move!

The American continents were home to a diverse group of peoples, with different languages, cultures, and types of homes. Diversity of Native American Groups.

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Lifestyles varied greatly. Most tribes were domestic, but the Lakota followed the buffalo as nomads. Most engaged in war, but the Apache were particularly feared, while the Hopis.

Spain did not lose her last foothold in the Americas until the Spanish-American War (). Spanish language and culture are still integral to daily life in much of North and South America.

But the Spanish star had begun to set over the New World by

Cultural Differences between Mexico, the United States and Canada