A short history of payam e noor

Iqbal often mentioned and commemorated about his Kashmiri Pandit Brahmin lineage in his writings.

A short history of payam e noor

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Salehi Available online athttp: Equality aims at eliminating discrimination and moving toward human ascendency. Despite a brief period of governance of Islamic society, Imam Ali PBUHcompared to other periods, paid special attention to the many variations among races, languages, colors, religions and political parties.

Indeed, no historian or writer, however deft and dexterous he maybe, can draw a true picture of the Commander of the Faithful even in a thousand pages, nor can he explain the dreadful events which took place in his time.

The things which this thought of, and acted upon, had not until that point A short history of payam e noor seen or heard by anyone. It is more than a historian can cover even in a very detailed treatise. Hence, whatever picture of Imam Ali is described by author will inevitably be incomplete.

Equality, Law, Imam Ali PBUHIslamic ruler, Justice Introduction The first and most basic right emphasized by the Qur'an is the right to be regarded in a way that reflects the sanctity and absolute value of each human life. Each person has the right not only to life but also to respect, not by virtue of being a man or a woman, Muslim on unbeliever, white or black etc, but by virtue of being a human being.

The Qur'an puts great emphasis on the right to seek justice and the duty to do justice. Justice encompasses both the concept that all are equal and recognition of the need to help equalize those suffering from a deficiency or loss Ishaque, Yet justice is not absolute equality of treatment, since human beings are not equal as far as their human potential or their human situation is concerned.

While each person's humanness commands respect, the Qur'an also establishes the right to recognition of individual merit.

Merit depends not on gender or any other characteristic, but only on righteousness. Righteousness consists of "just belief" plus "just action," including faith, prayer, wealth- sharing, equitable and compassionate behavior, and patience in the face of hardship or difficulty.

In Islamic wisdom, human beings are similar to the teeth of a comb which are all of the same height. Equality in Islam Islamic equality, in fact, has its roots in the most fundamental issue in Islamic worldview i.

From an Islamic viewpoint, all the people whether boss or subordinate, rich or poor, powerful or weak are equal and impartially subject to the laws of punishment and reward, thus nobody is given a right or any other kinds of privilege beyond the law.

There is mutual Corresponding AuthorE-mail: It is necessary to respect these laws for the reformation of the nation and not only for achieving personal ends.

The Qur'an strongly guarantees all fundamental human rights. These rights are so deeply rooted in our humanness that their denial or violation is tantamount to a negation or degradation of that which makes us human. These rights came into existence with us, so that we might actualize our human potential.

In Islam, every individual ought to obey the law. He said to his daughter: Tahmasebi, Nowadays the world's population is divided into two classes; a group living in extreme poverty that a bit of food is not possible for them and another group surrounded with affluence and riches living at ease and luxury.

Many of the leaders and governments in this day and age depend on hoarding and storing commodities and monies, with the strategy of making gains for oneself or for a limited part of society, however Imam ALI never agreed to this conduct.

Some leaders currently favour one class of society over another, and lawmaking is sometimes controlled exclusively through lobbyists and sometimes people on an individual level have lost any value and honour in the eyes of their leaders.

Imam Ali would volunteers to help farmers with their farming and would provide social assistance himself to the poor and unfortunate.

Asadi, He said: For God's sake, safeguard their rights because the responsibility lays on you before God. Assign a portion from the treasury for their living and education wherever they are, whether near at hand or far from you. The rights of the all ought to be protected by you. That in the Umayyid and Abbasid periods specific courts were held for elites and courtiers, was against the nature of Islamic laws.

Imam Ali PBUH was pretty aware that a great deal of dissatisfaction and social corruption is caused by discrimination. Since when discrimination is exercised in a country, the citizens, rather than fulfilling their responsibilities, attempt to approach to the central core of the government and gain more privileges through servility, lying and treachery.

Consequently, the praised ones are those who are better at lying and servility rather than those who have served the country more through well accomplishing their duties.

GolsorkhiKashani, Relation of justice and equality Fortunately, there have been conducted inclusive and fruitful studies on the issue of justice in Nahj al- Balaghah Mutahhari, ; Hosseini, ; Latifi, ; Hakimi, Payam e Noor University of Shiraz.


Payam-e Noor University the capital has been moved several times throughout the history, and Tehran is the 32nd national capital of Iran. The city was the seat of the Qajars and Pahlavis, the two last imperial dynasties of Iran.

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A STUDY OF THE MODERNISM ELEMENTS IN WILLIAM FAULKNER’S SHORT STORY, “A ROSE FOR EMILY” alphabetnyc.comHAZIZMOHAMMAD I1, ALI NASSERI 2 * 1Department of English Teaching, Science and research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran.

Atta Mohammad Noor, Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party has warned the election commission (IEC) of resuming protests if it fails to adopt a biometric system on Election Day. (Payam-e-Mashriq) Mai-e-Baqi – Ghazal Hasrat Jalwa Aan Mah Tamame Daram by TeamUrdu / August 7, / Payam-e-Mashriq (پیامِ مشرق) / Previous.

A short history of payam e noor

History Payam e Noor University of Shiraz Payam-e Noor University (Payame Noor University = Payam Noor University) is one of the largest public universities in Iran and a mega university in world, whose name means "The message of Light" in Persian.

Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Payam