A zoo can teach you

Little Critters Traveling Petting Zoo brings you the familiar animals from a traditional farmyard - sheep, miniature horses, a miniature donkey, chickens and rabbits, as well as pygmy goats, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and alpacas! This gives children the chance to see, touch and learn about a wide range of animals, all at the same time. Invite us to your children's party and give them a treat they will remember for ever. A traveling petting zoo is not just a novel event for a children's party, it is also great fun for adults!

A zoo can teach you

Page Content Have trouble viewing this video? At the end of this activity, you will be able to: List three principles of reliable systems.

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Explain how the Central Florida Zoo uses these three principles in protecting staff from venomous snakes. The video lists three principles of reliable design and how the zoo applies them in the setting of venomous snakes.

How have you seen the same principles applied elsewhere? List at least one example for each principle, from health care or another hazardous setting. Reptile Keeper Michele Hoffman says that teamwork and a culture of transparency and trust is important to protecting safety.

How do you think teamwork promotes each of the principles of reliable design? What would happen if the zoo waited to redesign its systems until an actual failure — not just the possibility of a failure — had occurred? In your experience, are health systems more often proactive or reactive when it comes to addressing safety issues?

Learn more about latent error in PS Fundamentals of Patient Safety. Have you seen examples of latent error in health care?A zoo can teach you a lot about how animals behave in captivity but will teach you very little about the behaviour of animals in the wild.


Even though most modern zoos make efforts to offer animals a more natural environment, most captive animals in zoos are unable to live in a way that they would naturally and some may even be on medication to alter their behaviour.

Visit Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA and Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. See our big cats, gorillas, alligators, birds and more. Plan a party, learn about our conservation efforts, and become a Zoo New England member. Support us Help your Local Zoo. Here at Sierra Safari Zoo we are constantly expanding and improving the habitats of our animals.

A zoo can teach you

You too can help us in improving our Zoo, facilities and programs in the education of animals. 'Zoo to You' is a traveling, educational program that visits Private Birthday Parties, Schools, Libraries, Community centers, Senior centers/facilities, Day care centers, Scout groups, you name it!

Thank you for your interest in the voluteer program at Woodland Park Zoo! We have completed our volunteer recruitment period. Look for information on volunteer recruitment on December 1. You read that correctly: for just $45 per pair, you can interact with available baby animals for 15 minutes.

While the zoo offers a variety, visitors most often get .

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