Accenture case study interview questions

General Ledger are those ledgers are used commonly in all types of business organizations. A general ledger account is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Examples of general ledger accounts include: A general ledger is a complete record of financial transactions over the life of a company.

Accenture case study interview questions

Please discuss your views about the changes in Banking Scenario? To answer this question, the candidate should have done some serious study about the scenario of banking at Regional, National and International Level.

In fact this is not a simple question and it has many hidden questions which want to check Accenture case study interview questions knowledge and level of understanding of the candidate along with his awareness.

Banking sector has successfully been adding new products and innovative services to its basket of products being offered to retail customer and institutional customers. I think the banking sector will keep its goal to accelerate the growth. Secondly each bank would like to optimize its costs of marketing and distribution so as to keep its overheads low without effecting its reach or quality of services.

Accenture case study interview questions

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also: In the changing Banking Scenario, what are the most important needs of the Banking Industry? This question is a natural extension of the previous question. If the candidate has given a good answer then there is all likelihood of the interviewer asking this question.

To answer this question, the candidate should have done some deep thinking beforehand about the Banking scenario, its business practices and the marketing strategies.

We are living in a digital age, where everyday technological innovations our style of living, doing the business and even the way we do a commercial transaction.

To implement these changes by the Banks, what are your recommendations? To be specific, the interview board wants to understand the future vision of the candidate. Banking sector has to achieve competitive differentiation; banks must define a clear strategy and customer proposition, and then develop the capabilities to reach these goals.

Accenture recommends that banks should: Establish an overall strategy that includes the appropriate capability mix and investment choices. Develop an appropriate sourcing strategy to enable scale and deliver required capabilities at higher speed.

By following this next-generation approach, banks can position for growth, improve performance and achieve a competitive advantage—in the near- and long-term.

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What is the changing role of banking sector? Tips This is a very commonly asked question and you must be prepared to answer it. The interviewer want to know about your approach and thought process.

Your answer should show that you have been regularly following the developments in the banking industry and you are really keen to make a career in this industry. Sample Answer In the developing and developed economic system, banks play a very important role in economic development.

Commercial banks are an important part of the financial system of the country. Banks perform a number of important functions. For example, commercial banks encouraging people to save.

Secondly, the banks mobilize the savings of the individuals and organisations for the purpose of investments in various sectors of the economy. Thirdly, commercial banks help the process of capital formation. Fourthly, banks facilitate monetary transactions in foreign trade.

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Fifthly, banks provide instruments for the money to exchange hands without actually having physical money such as online transfer, Letter of Credit, ATM, Debit card, Credit Card etc. Overall, banks promote a balanced regional development in the country by providing essential financial infrastructure and funds for economic development.

Also you may like to watch this video: Why it is important?An asteroid is going to hit the earth and destroy % of it. You have several options: create a missile to destroy it (blowing it into several particles which will still impact the earth but destroy only 50%), or create a missile to push it out of the way (this only has a 50% chance of working though).

TCS Possible Technical Interview Questions| for new Campus Recruitment Interview With TCS The Campus Interview This interview usually takes 45 minutes to . Private equity interviews can be challenging, but for most candidates, winning interviews is much tougher than succeeding in those interviews..

You do not need to be a math genius or a gifted speaker; you just need to understand the recruiting process and basic arithmetic. Question: What are some case interview examples?And what's the best way to do case interview prep?.

My Response: Excluding estimation questions which are designed to test your ability to do math in your head, the most common case interview questions are. 1) New market / new market segment entry.

2) New product/service entry. TCS Programming Questions with Answers. TCS Programming Test Questions are not like a general Coding Round Questions with Solutions it is all together different from C programming.

Learn how you can master an Accenture case interview by learning their history, unique culture, situational questions, company resources and more.

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