Bloody sunday

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Bloody sunday

Visit Website Alabama state troopers assault civil rights voting marchers, including John Lewis. King, who had met with President Lyndon Johnson two days earlier to discuss voting rights legislation, remained back in Atlanta with his own congregation and planned to join the marchers en route the following day.

The demonstrators marched undisturbed through downtown Selma, where the ghosts of the past constantly permeated the present.

Bloody sunday

State troopers break up the demonstration on Pettus Bridge. A wall of state troopers, wearing white helmets and slapping billy clubs in their hands, stretched across Route 80 at the base of the span.

Behind them were deputies of county sheriff Jim Clark, some on horseback, and dozens of white spectators waving Confederate flags and giddily anticipating a showdown. You have to disperse, you are ordered to disperse.

Go home or go to your Bloody sunday. This march will not continue. Williams and Lewis stood their ground at the front of the line. After a few moments, the troopers, with gas masks affixed to their faces and clubs at the ready, advanced.

They pushed back Lewis and Williams. Then the troopers paced quickened. They knocked the marchers to the ground. They struck them with sticks. Clouds of tear gas mixed with the screams of terrified marchers and the cheers of reveling bystanders. Deputies on horseback charged ahead and chased the gasping men, women and children back over the bridge as they swung clubs, whips and rubber tubing wrapped in barbed wire.

Although forced back, the protestors did not fight back. Corbis Images Weeks earlier, King had scolded Life magazine photographer Flip Schulke for trying to assist protestors knocked to the ground by authorities instead of snapping away. Sympathizers staged sit-ins, traffic blockades and demonstrations in solidarity with the voting rights marchers.

Some even traveled to Selma where two days later King attempted another march but, to the dismay of some demonstrators, turned back when troopers again blocked the highway at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Finally, after a federal court order permitted the protest, the voting rights marchers left Selma on March 21 under the protection of federalized National Guard troops.

Four days later, they reached Montgomery with the crowd growing to 25, by the time they reached the capitol steps. The events in Selma galvanized public opinion and mobilized Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act, which President Johnson signed into law on August 6, We strive for accuracy and fairness.

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But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.Bloody Sunday or Red Sunday (Russian: Крова́вое воскресе́нье, tr.

Krovávoye voskresén'e, IPA: [krɐˈvavəɪ vəskrʲɪˈsʲenʲjɪ]) is the name given to the events of Sunday, 22 January [O.S.

9 January] in St Petersburg, Russia, when unarmed demonstrators . Bloody Sunday: Bloody Sunday, (January 9 [January 22, New Style], ), massacre in St. Petersburg, Russia, of peaceful demonstrators marking the beginning of the violent phase of the Russian Revolution of At the end of the 19th century, industrial workers in Russia had begun to organize; police agents.

In "Bloody Sunday" Director Greengrass is recounting an horrific event. All is done in hand held letting us be right next to the charactor. The only thing missing in "Bloody Sunday" is the big budget like Director Greengrass' following works. In the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail was created by Congress under the National Trails System Act of Like other "historic" trails covered in the legislation, the Alabama trail is an original route of national significance in .

November 21, A day of bloodshed in Dublin marked the escalation of the Irish War of Independence. By John Dorney. See also Four Bloody Sundays.

James Cahill was a young IRA gunman, attached to D company of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade. Originally from Cavan, he had been transferred to. Bloody Sunday On 30 January , a civil rights demonstration through the streets of Londonderry in north-west Northern Ireland ended with the shooting dead of thirteen civilians by the British Army.

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