Business report example uk zip code

Label Linkbase[ edit ] This linkbase provides human readable strings for concepts. Using the label linkbase, multiple languages can be supported, as well as multiple strings within each language.

Business report example uk zip code

Obsolete fields We have removed following fields from the bulk upload template because our studies have shown that Bing search and maps users are not looking for this information. Please be assured that this will not affect search relevance of your listing in any way.

Description Add text describing your business.

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You can use this column to describe the various products and services offered at your business locations. You can also include, for example, your specialties, awards and guides about how to reach your business.

You can use the same description for all locations or use a location-specific description. Descriptions should be limited to characters. Company tagline A short version of the description.

Limit this to characters. Other Websites If your business has additional websites beyond those described above, you can list them in this column. Enclose URLs in a pair of brackets e. Separate multiple URLs with a semi-colon. Pharmacy, Photo Studio, Cosmetics.

You can also include the department phone numbers.

business report example uk zip code

Use a semicolon ; to list multiple department names. Use a commato list multiple brand names.

business report example uk zip code

Professional affiliations List names of professional groups or organizations your business is associated with. Use a commato list multiple names. Payment type Add a list of various payment options offered at your business.

You must select from the following list. Separate multiple values with a comma. Select from the following list, separating multiple values with a comma. Fixing errors in the bulk upload file Any errors in the bulk upload file will result in the entire file being rejected. To avoid, this follow the guidelines specified in the previous section.

However if errors do occur, the following steps can help you resolve the issues. Download the file containing errors. You can easily identify the cells containing errors using the following guidelines: In the first column, look for cells highlighted in yellow.

In that row, look for all cells marked in red. These are the cells with errors. There may be multiple errors so make sure to look for all the cells in that row.

Follow the comments in the cells with errors to fix the errors. Download your listings Use the following steps to download a copy of all listings that were previously added through a bulk upload. Sign in to the Bing Places for Business website. Click the Listings tab on the top menu.

Click Add Multiple Businesses. Click Download copy of existing listings. The download size is limited to 10, locations. If your account has more than 10, locations, contact Support to obtain the full list. Use the following steps to hide your address.

Agencies Agencies that want to add listings on Bing Places for Business on behalf of their clients can register as agencies and make use of streamlined methods to manage business listings.

Who are considered as agencies An agency is a business authorized to add and manage Bing Places for Business listings on their behalf of their clients. What are the benefits of signing up as an agency?A new report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington breaks down US health by county data.

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Introduction. Bing Places for Business is a free Bing service that enables businesses to add their listings to Bing. Bing Places for Business can help local, small and chain businesses by. Symantec products help companies protect their data and uncover advanced threats by leveraging one of the world's largest cyber intelligence networks.

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