Compare and contrast between those winter sundays and my papas waltz

Family marriage is significant in portraying how a child uses dream to avoid his behaviour toward his parents.

Compare and contrast between those winter sundays and my papas waltz

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It uses one event to describe a father and son's entire relationship. Although at first the poem does not seem to be a great tribute to his father, Hayden's admiration and love for his father breaks through the lines.

In the poem, Hayden uses many descriptive words to set the scene for his work. His vivid words help me to imagine how hard his father worked and sacrificed for his family. When Hayden writes "cracked hands that ached", he is using the "cracked hands" as a symbol for hard work and a symbol for all the pain and discomfort the man is willing to go through for his family.

In the poem, Hayden described sounds that help to bring out the suffering that his father endured over the years, such as, "I awoke and heard the cold splintering, breaking". The father's son was experiencing the fire crackling, and the ice melting off the windows as examples of the pain and suffering his father went through.

This choice of symbolism is used to show the power of the father and his life struggles. However, he had the power to "break" the cold and to "drive it out" for the sake of those he cared for. Just as Hayden used the descriptive words to describe the suffering of his father, the warm house on the winter Sundays served as a symbol in the poem for his father's love as he sought comfort for his family.

Compare and contrast between those winter sundays and my papas waltz

However, the son did not make this connection until later in his life. The element of self sacrifice is clear in the description of the father's "cracked hands" and how he disregards his own pain to warm and light the home.


Young Hayden took it for granted, as the poem continues, "No one ever thanked him", and he would "speak indifferently to him. In stark contrast to the seemingly loving act of warming the home, is the reference to the emotional distance between the father and son.COMPARE THEODORE ROETHKE’S “MY PAPA’S WALTZ AND ROBERT HAYDEN’S “THOSE WINTER SUNDAYS” Find two similarities and one difference between them.

start the essay with an introduction. Include a thesis statement as the last sentence in your introduction. In a number of respects, the poems "My Papa's Waltz", by Theodor Roethke and "Those Winter Sundays", by Robert Hayden fall season in this category.

The connection between the child and his dad in these poems offers a means of learning about and interpreting the environment, build and theme among other elements aspects of poetry. Literature & Composition: Reading • Writing • Thinking Carol Jago, Renée H.

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Introduction: those winter sundays i was a narrative poem that has been designed to my papas waltz by: essays, those winter sundays.

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xv. . In Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s waltz” the reader finds a horrid experience, the beating of a child by his father, which is told in a way of a romantic and beautiful dance – the waltz.

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