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The ARC also runs the ARC Salon Competitionwhich is the largest and most prestigious competition in the western world for realist artists painting, sculpting, and drawing today with nine categories and thousands of works competing, culminating in a traveling live exhibition of many of the winning works. Ross, to learn why ARC is so passionately dedicated to realist based art. Zu Sheng Yu constantly challenges himself in an artistic sense. His versatility and creative passion lead him through life to create a diverse array of innovative work that includes architecture, painting and sculpture.

Essays in art catalogue

They recognise patterns in the chaos. They identify fragments as being part of the whole. One thing happens, and then another so only by two events occurring can a formulation of time come into being.

A fleeting moment, although ephemeral can be profound and precious. My current work uses this optimistic idea as motivation to make formally based sculptures and paintings. Particularly they explore line, colour, and time. The works are developed by interaction with each other and I use photography as a tool for close observation.

Materials used include rope, thread, paint, acrylic sheeting, PVC, nylon thread, irrigation piping, Play-Doh, string, balsa, and lighting.

I want a sense of stopping time so we can have the chance to consider each moment more carefully. Particular emphasis is placed on human gesture, such as repeated subtle wrappings or the trace of a movement in paint.

This is based on the notion that time can only be explained as a by-product of an event [5]. It is something that connects us.

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Rather I am interested in the value of capturing Essays in art catalogue sense of time and movement and trace of human presence through artworks. My aim is to create opportunity for the quiet contemplation of something subtle, optimistic and pure in the context of a busy contemporary world.

He describes the way a fleeting moment can be captured in our perception. The movement is stopped while the world moves around it. This way of regarding time is particularly pertinent to my work. Much of my work explores the notion of a trapped moment. It might be a moment that has been captured either by a repeated human action or by a trace of a movement.

It involves the representation of a form which has come to stand in for the idea of movement.

Art catalogue essay

Here, the assumption is made that movement is inherent in a fleeting moment. The work of sculptor and film maker, Len Lye has explored this by making sculptures which literally move [10]. While related, my work explores more the sense of movement and the distillation of the sort of moment TS Elliot alludes to.

This idea of translation sits well with me. In this way, rather than being didactic, the introduction of another point of view or opportunity for contemplation may reveal something otherwise not noticed.

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It can be quieter but just as strong in its impact. My work is based on observation from the world we live in, but does not necessarily reproduce an aspect of that world.

Rather it aims to capture an essential quality of it. According to Roger Fry the essence of a subject was something that Cezanne and his followers explored.

They do not seek to imitate form, but to create form; not to imitate life, but to find an equivalent for life. Osborne describes Abstraction as the process of generalisation and simplification [19]. It is this sense of distillation which is present in my work.

Essays in art catalogue

One of the predominant formal properties in my work is line. This is because line indicates time through its continuous nature. It can also represent a trace of a movement or gesture and, as such, become a record of a captured movement or moment of time.

A line can be both energetic as well as calming and still.The online catalogue of Hawthorne Books, a Portland, Oregon-based independent publisher of literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. Jul 04,  · Art catalogue essay.

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