Essays on achievement gaps

A core purpose of remedial education is to provide all students with a real opportunity for college success, regardless of their skill level or academic background. Inside Higher Ed recently published opinion pieces with different takes on the best ways to design remedial programs. We are concerned, however, that an important consideration has been largely undervalued in the current conversation.

Essays on achievement gaps

Gap This term paper is broken down into three parts. In Part I, I will address the causes of the achievement gap and why it is so difficult to overcome for certain underperforming subgroups. I believe that the underlying factor causing the achievement gap is money.

In a direct sense, it is clear that having money is a big advantage for students and not having money creates a host of challenges.

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The economically disadvantaged achievement gap is created when economic factors cause poor students to begin school behind the curve and then pose obstacles to closing the gap as they get older. Part of this gap can be explained by the fact that historical factors have led to African American and Hispanics being overly represented in the economically disadvantaged category.

There are also social and cultural factors that lead to discrepancies in achievement, but tracing these back far enough will show that economic factors played a role in shaping the social and cultural climate.

The gap is extremely difficult to close because the current systems do not close the gap, but, instead, perpetuate a cycle of underperformance. This data supports the idea of the achievement gap numerically and provides some specific areas of concern.

In Part III, I will describe some methods I would use to try and address the achievement gap in an individual classroom. Causes of the Achievement Gap One of the major issues in American public education right now is the significant and persistent gap in achievement between certain subgroups and the rest of the population.

Two of the major gaps occur for the subgroup of economically disadvantaged students and ethnic students, specifically African American and Hispanic students. The achievement gap is an extremely nuanced and complicated issue that would be impossible to break down completely, but the underlying and overwhelming factor causing the achievement gap is money.

Economic disadvantage produces a number of factors that create an achievement gap. Certain ethnic groups have achievement gaps because historical context has led to those groups being economically disadvantaged. Economic disadvantage also influences the social and cultural factors that create achievement gaps for ethnic groups.

Money also causes the achievement gap to be extremely difficult to close. The socioeconomic factors that cause the achievement gap all stem from the wide gap in wealth that exists across our country. Being poor does not directly cause students to struggle or make them less capable.

Essays on achievement gaps

A higher income, and the resources it can buy, creates an atmosphere much more conducive to student development and learning. Before school even begins, students who grow up in economically disadvantaged homes are less likely to have access to books and educational materials, and technology.

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They are less likely to have educated parents to read with them and less likely to have a full-time parent at home. This means most economically disadvantaged children are growing up in a less enriching and stimulating environment during early childhood.

Economically disadvantaged students also have less access to health care and proper nutrition which are both important to healthy brain development. These early contributors lead to an observable gap in student test scores before they have even entered kindergarten.Essay on Obamacare Essay - Current Events Essays - Essay tutorials on current events so you can improve your writing skills in college.

The Achievement Gap and Education Essays - The achievement gap facing low income, African American, and Latino populations is undoubtedly a complicated problem. It is defined as the “disparity between the academic performances of different groups of students”.

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They file a bunc. These achievement gaps noted across countries showed the possible effects brought by discrimination and social injustice.

The government made a good move eradicating social discrimination. The move to bridge the achievement gap between ethnicities also responds to their effort to solve existing social discrimination at the same time. Free Education papers, essays, and research papers. Education is a Need - The world is run by those who are educated and successful.

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