Inquiry essays and fast food addictions

Millions of Americans have addictions to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and even to behaviors such as compulsive gambling and shopping. Our recent studies suggest that millions of Americans are addicted to food, as well. An average American is bombarded daily with random propaganda to try to sell what some would consider "perfection". Most American citizens try to emulate those fictional characters in celebrity magazines.

Inquiry essays and fast food addictions

Hire Writer Another chemical that may prove to be important in fighting the obesity epidemic and drug addiction is leptin. This hormone has been shown to curb hunger when it is released from adipose fat cells where it eventually reached the hypothalamus.

Lab animals deprived of this chemical soon became obese. This hormone may provide a vital link in helping severely obese people control their eating. If individuals have a faulty feedback mechanism or a lack of production of leptin, this may cause them to want to eat more.

Other areas to be explored are how certain parts of the brain react to addiction, satiety and pleasure. Areas of the brain that have been researched that Mr.

Grimm examines are the amygdala and the orbitofrontalis OFC. The amygdale seems to have some involvement in our response to food or drugs when we are hungry for them. It does not seem to be activated as much when we have taken in food or drugs. The OFC is generally thought of as an area of the brain that helps us to maintain rational behavior and use good judgment.

This area may be operating differently in addicts. The author says that diet, exercise and lifestyle are the best ways to live healthy and control weight. His view; however, is that all research cited shows. For us to have a better understanding of why certain people find it so hard to control their weight we may have to look more at addictive behaviors and the research that has been conducted.

We are also asked to believe that one-third of the US population may be overweight or obese according to studies. Overweight is defined a having a body mass index greater than Simply put, body mass index is your weight divided by your height.

We are asked to believe that obesity and being overweight are at epidemic proportions in this country. While the author agrees that there are many factors in a healthy lifestyle and behavior control, much of the article deals with research that says that hormones, brain function and chemical activity are huge contributors in how a person reacts to stimuli.

Leptin and dopamine are seen as avenues that may lead to breakthroughs in the area of obesity. Areas of the brain such as the amygdala and the OFC are seen as possible areas that may lead to a better understanding of cravings and addictions.

Food Addiction - Essay

I believe that the main idea that the author is trying to convey is that drug addiction and food consumption are very closely related. We are asked to consider that a person who is obese may be in a similar predicament as a drug addict.

The article says that drugs that help drug addicts may also help us to treat severe obesity.The Mission of Surge Recovery is to provide a safe residential place for men in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions while providing onsite and off site services that help individuals repair and heal their relationship with themselves and transitions them to a path of recovery, reconciliation with family and a stable life once leaving the facility.

Mar 14,  · Inquiry Essays And Fast Food Addictions.

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Write Better Essays Now – Writing essay Ad Correct All Writing Mistakes And Plagiarism In Your Essays Now! Fast Food Addiction Essay – Words Bartleby Free Essay: In looking below the surface of America x27;. In the fast food industry, nothing comes close to McDonalds as this company has stamped its mark as one of the leading fast food chains in its industry.

Founded back in by Ray Kroc, who single handedly opened the first McDonalds in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Inquiry essays and fast food addictions

Food addiction is a disorder characterized by obsession with food, the accessibility of food and the expectancy of pleasure from the intake of food. Food addiction involves the recurring consumption of food against the individual's better judgment resulting in loss of control and anxiety or the limitation of food and obsession with body weight 4/4(1).

Fast Food is Our New Addiction Obesity is increasing rapidly because of the fast food. Showing and telling people how unhealthy to eat the fast food is extremely hard because it is now the popular culture for the societies those are dominated by the fast food industries.

Addiction to Facebook Introduction. There is an increased debate on Internet addiction where scholars argue whether individuals are addicted to the content displayed on .

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