My experience at mount olive elementary in jefferson county

I want your take and opinion on this series. Part 2 Valley of Despair In the winter of students drank from the well at Clairfield School not knowing that t By the end of January over 70 students would be suffering from Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A, a disease caused by water contaminated by fecal material, was present in the schools water supply.

My experience at mount olive elementary in jefferson county

The sole purpose of this letter is to pursue understanding and a plan of action that may diminish such situations I endeavored while I was an instructor of the Jefferson County School District, Monticello, Florida. I began teaching in Jefferson County towards the end of I was hired as a 5th grade instructor.

When beginning this positon, I immediately telephoned parents to inform them that their children now had a permanent teacher in the classroom and that I would do everything in my power to postulate their child with the best learning environment possible.

I began to build relationships with students as well as parents and colleagues by seeking advice in ways that would allow me to deliver instruction to students so that I was meeting the needs of all. To truly assist students as much as possible, I made it my obligation to be at work early as possible to tutor students before class as well as staying several hours after school to offer support for students that could not be present during morning sessions.

Unfortunately, the analyzing of this data was not good enough for my superior at that time. Towards the end of May or beginning of June, I was informed by the acting assistant principal that because of my campaigning or affiliation with another superintendent candidate, I would not be rehired as a teacher for the following school year.

When hearing this news, a week or two before I actually saw my name on this list for not being rehired, which was arranged by the superintendent, I was certain that the reason for not being rehired had to be more than my affiliation with another person seeking office.

As time went on, I decided to address the school board in a public meeting to fight for my job and to be rehired as a teacher in Jefferson County for the next school year.

I presented to the board members letters of recommendations from colleagues that respected my contribution thus far at the Jefferson County Elementary School along with data that displayed my success in the classroom.

In presenting the board members Edward W. Washington was not present at this meeting due to a field trip with a summer program with this documentation, I also publically expressed my concern of not being rehired to the board along with the superintendent, William E.

Brumfield, assistant superintendent, Dr. In my presentation, I concentrated mainly on my passion and desire to teach in Jefferson County being that it was my hometown.

I further expressed to the board and public that I had turned down several job offers from Leon County to remain teaching in Monticello. Unfortunately, after a long well written speech with data suggesting my effectiveness within the classroom, the board did not reconsider my name on the non-reappointment list.

The board members did though acknowledge my address by simply nodding heads. By the end of the meeting, I was simply in tears because the only real reason that had ever been provided about not being rehired was because of my affiliation with a superintendent candidate that would be running against the present superintendent at that time.

I had though been told by others that I was not reappointed because all non-tenure teachers fell into that category. I found this information to not be true after reviewing the list. There were several teachers, even teachers that had been hired after me whose names were not on the list for non-reappointment.

This news was very contradicting. Personally, I felt betrayed by all parties because not one person spoke on my behalf with any words of comfort or understanding of the superintendent actions immediately following my words to the board and superintendent. Although this meant a lot to me, it also meant a little because this particular praise should have been mentioned to the board also.

There was no reason for any superior to feel threatened in any manner that would prohibit them for speaking the truth about me as I fought to maintain employment in Jefferson County. A month or so later, it was suggested that I reapply for my job. I reapplied and went back through the interviewing process where I sat days anxiously waiting for the acting principal, Nancy Whitty to inform me on being rehired.

During this particular wait, I applied and interviewed for other jobs in neighboring counties. Fortunately, I was finally called by Nancy Whitty to accept the position as a 4th grade instructor. Many may look at this particular situation as a blessing, which I was very fortunate and thankful to be offered the opportunity again.

Even in this blessing, I still felt violated because I never really received a true reason for not being rehired immediately like many colleagues that were not tenured.

My experience at mount olive elementary in jefferson county

During the school year, I had even more success as a teacher. As writing was departmentalized and I headed the department, the writing scores of the school was recognized statewide as we were mentioned to be one of the top counties to show major improvements in writing scores that following year.

After much consideration, I decided that after teaching for 1. I resigned at the the end of the school year for reasons that still displayed unfairness toward certain teachers as other teachers developed personalized relationships with superiors.

In my leaving, I was heart-broken.

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I was torn for the main purpose of the district losing a passionate teacher that understood the struggle of the students in Jefferson County. I was heart-broken due to the simple fact that as a born and raised citizen of the town, no superior showed enough trust and confidence in me to perform diligently and meet the needs of the students, even when data displayed my abilities as an educator.JTHS Boys Soccer Team.

It was a record-breaking season for the Jefferson boys soccer team. The Falcons easily cruised past their previous all-time wins record . PRIMO, the largest independent national magazine for and about Italian Americans, provides quality journalism on Italian American history, heritage, and achievements.

PRIMO discusses topics of importance to Italian Americans with articles on Italian art, language, travel, food and wine. Mt Olive Elementary School located in Fort Mitchell, Alabama - AL. Find Mt Olive Elementary School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats.

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