Nightly business report host paul kangas md

The Donald is running to the left of Hillary on economic policy, fiscal policy and foreign policy. She ran to the right so fast she may have tripped over herself to get there. I love ya Bernie, but if you think Clinton wants to defeat right-wing extremism in this country - rather than use it as an excuse why during her term she couldn't get all those progressive things she said she favored in order to win the primary while further lining the pockets of her benefactors - we disagree about the nature of the threat.

Nightly business report host paul kangas md

No category The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame was established in January, to recognize those individuals, whether licensed radio amateurs or not, who significantly affected the course of amateur radio; and radio amateurs who, in the course of their professional lives, had a significant impact on their professions or on world affairs.

Laid the groundwork for modern radio through inventions such as the regenerative receiver, the superheterodyne receiver, and frequency modulation FM. Co-inventor of the transistor, the basis of all modern electronics.

nightly business report host paul kangas md

Co-inventor of the transistor. Founder, Collins Radio Co. Founding publisher, CQ magazine. Invented the vacuum tube, basis for the growth of electronics and radio communication.

Founding editor, ham radio magazine; set new standard for amateur radio technical publications.


Prime Minister of India. Astronaut, first ham to operate from space. Entertainer, TV host Amateur radio author and technician, founder, Gonset Laboratories; brought affordable VHF equipment to amateur market.

Invented handheld radio transceiver walkie-talkietelephone pager, and cordless telephone. Set the stage for radio by proving that electricity can travel in waves, developing the concepts of frequency and wavelength. The Hertz is the international unit of frequency.

Hussein Ibn Talal, JY1. Radio propagation expert, CQ columnist for 50 years, amateur satellite pioneer. Authority on radio astronomy, antennas; inventor of W8JK antenna.

Polar explorer, expedition communicator, Russian radio hero, made first Arctic-Antarctic radio contact. Telecommunications expert, noted DXer, DXpeditioner, has introduced or re-introduced amateur radio to several countries.

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President of CBS News. Developed radio into viable communications medium; experimented with short waves, UHF, and microwaves before most people knew they existed. Amateur radio writer, educated thousands about preventing TVI.

Developed the telegraph, the first viable electronic communication system. Prolific amateur radio author, historian, CQ and ham radio magazine columnist, amateur satellite pioneer, editor of Radio Handbook. Founding editor, CQ magazine. CQ Technical Director, developed antennascope and brought grid dip meter to amateur radio.Miyake, N and Sumi, T and Dong, S and Street, R and Mancini, L and Gould, A and Bennett, DP and Tsapras, Y and Yee, JC and Albrow, MD and Bond, IA and Fouque, P and Browne, P and Han, C and Snodgrass, C and Finet, F and Furusawa, K and Harpsoe, C and Allen, W and Hundertmark, M and Freeman, M and Suzuki, D and Abe, F and Botzler, CS and Douchin.

“Wall Street Week” got the shaft, and “Nightly Business Report” has been getting watered down since the firing of Paul Kangas. Susie’s departure ends the process of honest and meaningful reporting. Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

Precious Gift to Share - Report Dead on Arrival - How the Anti-business Backlash is Destroying the Free Enterprise System Hashem Shirif, L.J. Kangas, Paul E. Keller Battersea Past, Patrick Loobey Legends of the Land - Living Stories of.

Chambers, John, W6NLZ. With KH6UK, proved the existence of the California-Hawaii VHF/UHF propagation “duct,” completing the first 2-meter contact over themile path in The other night, while watching one of our local TV stations (I won't say which one, but some of you will likely remember), three -- count 'em, three -- campaign ads aired, featuring Republican Indiana House candidates, right in a row.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that.

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