Nokias marketing strategy

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Nokias marketing strategy

WhatsApp Just a few years ago, Nokia was the dominant force and trend setter in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

They practically jumped into a deep, dark well.

Their marketing strategy and value proposition are two shining examples of what costly marketing mistakes can mean for your business. All Hardware No Software At its core, Nokia was a mobile manufacturing company that needed to be more marketing-savvy.

Nokia was paying too much attention to hardware and not enough to software — its engineers were real gurus at building highly innovative mobile phone designs but lacked the software known-how to fuel those devices.

The software and apps were literally the backbone powering up these phones even back then, and Nokia grossly underestimated the importance of software. Lack of Value Proposition Without a prominent value proposition, users have little reason to buy from your business, let alone pay any attention to you.

They tried to play catch up by creating phones with stunning cameras but were a little late to the party. Even if their phones did something better than both iPhones and Android smartphones, they did not seem to have a clue what it was; they lacked value proposition and were unable to highlight this in their ads.

Unfortunately, it did nothing special and added no value.

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There was no catchy market slogan. The value proposition was sorely missing, and perhaps Nokia was clueless so as to what they wanted to achieve with the Lumia line up.

The Lumia for instance, did nothing special to outpace its Samsung Galaxy counterparts even though it did have stunning display resolution at the time.

This lack of innovation and value proposition proved costly. Apple and Samsung were constantly beating Nokia phones in terms of innovative features, apps and user experience.

In fact, inSamsung was declared as a leading phone manufacturer, even surpassing Apple in sales.

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By the time the iPhone 5 arrived in lateApple had an enticing slogan to go along with it: In fact, it accelerated its already declining market share. InNokia dominated a good share of the market — the global mobile devices volume stood at 1. And it did have a massive fan base in Africa and a number of European countries; unfortunately, when they decided to jump ship, Nokia saw its multi-billion dollar earnings waning away.

In fact, it made Symbian look rather dated and Nokia fans all over were quick to open their eyes. Despite several revisions, Symbian was always designed with primarily device vendors in mind and then mobile operators.

What the users and developers wanted was always an afterthought, and this was its biggest failure. This armed them to go up against the iPhone and Nokia turned a blind eye to it.Nokia's Lumia brand strategy for the US.

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Oct 19, ’12 PM. Microsoft’marketing is going into the opposite direction compared to Apple, emphasising the ties to the PC.

Nokias marketing strategy

When Apple announced iOS 5, “cutting the cord” received standing ovations from developers. Very few people will want to .

Failure to Implement the Right Umbrella Branding Strategy Apple was the first phone to use the strategy of umbrella branding using iPhone as an umbrella brand and then building subsequent models.

Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala is a former CEO of Rovio, the maker of the Angry Birds game, as well as a Nokia veteran. according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. Nokia’s basic OS strategy is sound: MeeGo for the high-end, Symbian for the mid-range, and S40 for the low-end.

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But now it has to actually execute this strategy instead of fooling around. Nokia, release a . An Analysis of Nokia’s Communications Strategies Web Master 50% of university students are present users and 80% plan to own a unit speaks a lot of the effectiveness of Nokia’s marketing strategies. In an added effort to bring the Nokia experience even before a purchase is made, Nokia expanded the accessibility and presentability of its.

Jun 19,  · Nokia-branded Android phones would be lining up to compete with megabrands like Samsung with huge marketing budgets and the resources to flood the market with handsets at every price point, and.

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