Olympic games 2012 markating mix

Olympic Games - Markating Mix By: They will create the most accessible and participative Games.

Olympic games 2012 markating mix

Broadcasting Sochi marked a turning point in the history of the Olympic broadcasting, highlighting the changes in the way that audiences consume major sporting events and underlining how broadcasters are embracing new platforms and technologies. London Sponsorship London had a global reach of 3.

OBS produced more coverage than ever before and the broadcasters in turn broadcast more coverage than ever before.


Broadcasting With eleven global TOP Partners, seven domestic partners, seven official supporters and 28 official suppliers, the London marketing programme was very successful, raising funds to support London and providing help and expertise for specific operational needs during the planning and staging of the Games.

Vancouver Sponsorship Vancouver OCOG created one of the most comprehensive sponsorship programmes ever for an Olympic Winter Games, with nine worldwide partners and an additional 50 suppliers and sponsors all playing a pivotal role. Broadcasting The Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in broke all records when it came to online and mobile coverage, attracting approximately 1.

The programme brought in 6.

Olympic games 2012 markating mix

Broadcasting Almost 1, hours of live coverage was made available by the Turin Olympic Broadcast Organisation — the most in Olympic Winter Games history. Coverage on mobile phones and HDTV was provided for the first time. Broadcasting Live coverage was made available on the internet in a number of territories for the first time and around television channels generated 35, hours of coverage.

Statistics revealed that 3. Broadcasting Salt Lake became the first host broadcaster to cover all Winter events live.

In India, million viewers received free-to-air coverage and East Timor also gained coverage. Viewing figures showed that 2. A new standard for brand protection through education, legislation and advertising controls was also introduced.

The Games produced Nagano Broadcasting The number of countries and territories receiving television coverage rose to for Naganoand the Olympic Winter Games could be viewed in Australia for the first time.

Atlanta Sponsorship The Games in Atlanta in became the first to be funded in their entirety via private sources.

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Broadcasting Broadcasting reached countries, with the IOC agreeing to underwrite the cost of transmission to Africa. For the first time, an Olympic Games was funded entirely through private sources, including broadcast rights. The number of countries and territories able to watch coverage rose to more than Broadcasting Olympic broadcast history was made in when a multi-tier television structure successfully operated in a number of different countries.

TOP is based on the Los Angeles model of product category exclusivity. The OCOGs launch independent marketing programmes. Los Angeles Sponsorship The marketing programme was limited to the host country and US companies. The domestic sponsorship programme was also divided into three categories for the first time, with each one receiving designated rights and product category exclusivity.

Broadcasting Viewing figures increased dramatically during the Los Angeles Games in Munich Sponsorship A private advertising agency acted as the licensing agent for the first time. Rights to use the official emblem were sold, and several types of licensing and advertising agreements were available.

There was also the first official mascot, "Waldi", whose image was licensed to private firms for sale. Sapporo Broadcasting The model for the current host broadcast organisation is based on Sapporowhen Japanese network NHK provided the television feed to enable international broadcasters to select specific coverage.

Marketing Mix Example: How Adidas won the Olympics

Mexico Broadcasting The Mexico City Games in crossed new boundaries when they broadcast Games coverage in colour for the first time, and also made live slow-motion footage available. Tokyo Sponsorship By Tokyocompanies had forged marketing relationships with the Olympic Games.

Broadcasting During the Olympic Games in Tokyo insatellite broadcast coverage was used for the first time to transmit images overseas.Business And Marketing Strategies Of London Olympics Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Marketing mix. The marketing mix is generally defined as product, pricing, place, and promotion.

during the Olympics and hopefully after Olympic games. The athletes competing at the London Olympics broke many records, but the number coming out of the Games that is most revealing for us is the worldwide audience: not the number of TV viewers worldwide, but the overwhelming number of global online spectators.

May 29,  · Marketing Mix Example. Promotions played a large role in Adidas’ successful marketing strategy during the London Olympic Games but it was their ability to achieve the right marketing mix that saw a tremendous boost in sales across the alphabetnyc.com: Richa.

The Summer Olympics, formally the Games of the XXX Olympiad and commonly known as London , was an international multi-sport event that was held from 27 Events: in 26 sports (39 disciplines). Olympic Games The modern Olympic Games is the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes participate in a .

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Marketing Mix Example: How Adidas won the Olympics