The blessing or curse of the modern age essay

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The blessing or curse of the modern age essay

As a servant, it makes life comfortable, easy, luxurious and more meaningful. But as a bad master, it is a devil. Then it turns life into destruction, curse, hell, and ruin.

Essay On "Science - A Blessing Or A Curse"

And clearly, the devil is more powerful than the servant. It can reduce the whole world to rubble and debris in no time. The example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is before us. Now, we have thousand times more destructive bombs and weapons than we had during the Second World War.

These nuclear weapons can devastate the whole world many times over. Modern age is the age of science. During the last ten years, there have been great achievements in science and technology.

It has changed the face of the world beyond recognition. The whole world has turned into a global village. Nations have come much closer to one another. There are greater understanding and Co-operation among nations. And yet there are many problems being faced by the people of the world.

The cold war has ended and yet the threat to world peace is there. Radio, television, telephone, teleprinters, computers, satellites, supersonic aircrafts space-crafts etc. Man has landed on the moon.

He has sent his research crafts on the Mars and may soon print his footstep there. His achievements in the fields of medicine, agriculture, education, health, communication, banking etc. The man has conquered many fatal diseases.

As a result, the rate of mo ability has decreased and expectancy of life increased. The standard of living has greatly improved. Life has become very easy, comfortable and convenient. The achievements of science have been too wonderful.

This is the positive side of the science. They represent the boons and blessings. But the negative side is too sad. It disturbs us all.

The blessing or curse of the modern age essay

Science has also created many problems. They are not easy to solve. They are vast and global and have affected the whole humanity. Man has misused and abused science. He has become a slave to it.

And the devil of science is busy creating havoc.A curse, because the bishops were forced to forge a new path, and their deviations from the norm were treated with (sometimes justified) suspicion by the Vatican. A blessing, because once the Church conceded to the reality of the modern liberal state in the s, the American solution lay ready for the Church to take up and implement across.

Indonesia, Nigeria & the "Oil Curse" By Haider Al-Saraf By Haider Al-Saraf Definition: - Dutch Disease - - Richard Auty - Dec. - Jeffrey Sachs and Andrew Warner. Jan de Vries, 'Between purchasing power and the world of goods: understanding the household economy in early modern Europe' in R Porter and J.

Proverbs 21:18

Brewer (ed.), Consumption and the World of Goods. J. The twentieth century is the age of science. Modern science has achieved wonders. It has brought about far reaching changes in very walk of life. Great indeed are the blessings of science. It has increased human comforts and given man powers fit only for the gods.

As some one has truly said, science.

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Times, Sunday Times () Curse of the modern era, people trying to be ironic all the time. Times, Sunday Times () They have lived many lives together, blighted by a terrible curse. The Sun () I think the denial of death is a great curse. “Jurassic Shark” was broadcast as part of a series of related programs and feature films on Channel 5, which was titled the “Terrors of the Deep – Weekend”.

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