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Hadrian built this government retreat about 20 miles east of Rome betweenwhen he became emperor, and CE, the year he died. The site has been explored since the 15th century and in recent decades has been the object of intense study, excavation, and conservation for a survey of recent work, see Mari From towith the generous support of the National Science Foundation [1] and a private sponsor, the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory created a 3D restoration model of the entire site authored in 3DS Max. The 3D restoration model and related VW were made in close collaboration with many of the scholars who have written the most recent studies on the villa.

Ucla dissertation database

Reports What is the BRD? The BRD's mission is to promote bankruptcy research by making bankruptcy data available to academic researchers throughout the world.

The BRD contains data on Ucla dissertation database of the more than one-thousand large public companies that have filed bankruptcy cases since October 1, We consider a company "public" if it filed an Annual Report form K or form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a year ending not less than three years prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.

UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) | A window on the world of big-case bankruptcy.

Coverage includes cases filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, whether filed by the debtors or creditors. We update most of our data monthly.

The BRD consists of five sets of data: The Cases table consists of about fields of regression-ready data on each BRD case.

Ucla dissertation database

The Cases table can be used, alone or in conjunction with data from other sources, to predict the outcomes of cases, to evaluate bankruptcy investments, to select professionals, to predict professional fees, and to conduct virtually any kind of research on big-case bankruptcies.

A sample of the Cases table is posted here. There are three ways to purchase a Cases table: For a professor or student writing for publication. For a business school, law school, or other library Commercial Subscription. For a law, accounting, financial, or other firm use. WebBRD data can be accessed through several online tools.

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Run-a-Study enables users to design and run a study of any of about 20 variables. The study can be of all BRD cases or any subset of them. The Case Summaries show all of the data for a case on a single screen. We have collected or constructed electronic dockets for more than BRD cases, including all that are available on Pacer.

The Pacer Docket Search is a program that searches the approximately 2. The Professional Fees study data. This dataset includes all of the data compiled by Lynn M. LoPucki and Joseph W. Doherty as part of their study of professional fees in BRD cases disposed of from through Our annual count of publications and dissertations shows that was our best year yet, with 26 publications and nine dissertations.

Lists of the publications and dissertations included in the count are at http: If we missed yours, please let us know and we will be delighted to add it.

We appreciate the continuing support of the academic community! The BRD is user-supported.The following lexicon contains 1, Sumerian logogram words and 2, Sumerian compound words.

A logogram is a reading of a cuneiform sign which represents a word in the spoken language. Our vision for the 21st century is that all children, youth, and families will live and thrive in healthy communities served by a quality workforce.

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The trajectory of a life can be altered by great and small events. After graduating with a Master’s in Social Work this May and passing my national licensing exam in September, I .

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At its Winter meeting, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees selected the following projects for receipt of an Archival Grant: "The Pobladores Project Database: Documenting the Lives of the Spanish and Mexican Settlers in Los Angeles to ," Steven Hackel. University of California, Riverside - $35, If you have information on other scholarships of interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender students, or if you would like to update the current listings, please send email to.

UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) | A window on the world of big-case bankruptcy.