Vcc business writing course

Learn common uses of businesses emails, and their generally accepted tone, structure and format. Inquiries and Requests Learn how to craft letters of inquiry and request in professional environments.

Vcc business writing course

Health Care Ethics --A web based, junior-level writing course-- Credit hours: You may email George. Whenever a student has a question, it is likely to be shared by other students, and so I edit and post all your emails, with my answers, in the VCC.

You need to be a junior or seniorsince this course will call upon reading and writing skills as well as common sense that you have already developed through liberal studies courses in your first two years of college.

vcc business writing course

Prior coursework in Philosophy, especially logic and ethics courses, may make this course easier and less time-consuming for you, but this course assumes that you have NOT been trained in logic or ethics. You will need about hours of access to a suitable computer with MSWord.

You will write a minimum of 20 pages of revised prose on an issue, selected by you, in health care ethics. Ideally, you will select a topic of particular relevance to your professional specialization or personal interest.

The final draft of this process will be an essay defending a thesis regarding that issue. Ideally, this essay will be suitable for submission for publication in a suitable newsletter or journal in your area of professional specialization or interest.

The essay will demonstrate your ability to identify and evaluate arguments in health care ethics. You will develop the necessary logical and ethical skills to write the essay by completing two modules on Argument Identification and one module on Argument Evaluation. These three modules give you practice with actual ethical issues in contemporary health care, such as the roles and responsibilities of medical professionals, informed consent, conflicts of interest, refusal of treatment, deciding for others, euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, surrogate motherhood, cloning, and rationing health care resources according to merit.

The second and third of these modules focus on the ethics of abortion and include discussion of the ethics of argument evaluation. This is essentially a how to and only incidentally a what is it class. The goal is the development of four essential skills in liberal studies: As a junior-level writing course, the goal is for you to write 20 pages of revised prose.

In a web-based setting, you will learn the relevant skills to write your assignments by working through the modules. The modules provide many, many exercises with answers. You should do enough of these exercises to gain the confidence you desire to take the quiz and write the stages of the essay.

In addition, I shall give you personal feedback on each stage of your essay as needed, in order to help you with the next stage. Assignments and grading system:Our Writing for Business short course enables business professionals to enhance their corporate document writing skills across a range of business functions.

Students will learn various styles of writing and how to tailor their writing for different audiences, improving their skills and confidence. Communication and Writing Skills. Construction Management.

Contracts Management. Customer Service.

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Data Management and Business Intelligence. As more and more organizations come to this realization, business writing skills training has become a staple for capability development initiatives.

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After 19 years of teaching business writing courses, we wanted to create a guide to help you choose the right course. This guide details how to create a custom corporate writing program and how to choose a business writing course as an individual.

Contents. 1) Fundamentals of Choosing a Course 2) How to Evaluate a Course.

vcc business writing course

High-Impact Business Writing. University of California, Irvine. About this course: Effective writing is a powerful tool in the business environment.

Learn how to articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner that will allow your ideas to be better understood by your readers. Improve your business writing skill by learning to select and.

COURSE SYLLABUS Philosophy W: Health Care Ethics --A web based, junior-level writing course-- As a junior-level writing course, the goal is for you to write 20 pages of revised prose.

connecting to the VCC and the online reading room in Cline Library, successfully downloading modules from the web site, etc. (about 4 hours).

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