Would legalizing marijuana reduce crime

One of the biggest premises legalize marijuana supporters use to fuel their argument is the promise of lower crime rates. And the argument seems pretty plausible, especially at a glance: As pot is legalized, drug-related crimes for the sale, possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis are obviously expected to drop significantly. Furthermore, many sources claim that the legalisation of medical marijuana would help neutralize organized crime activity involved in selling the drug illegally.

Would legalizing marijuana reduce crime

Torill Sommerfelt Ervik Starting with Oregon inindividual states began to liberalize marijuana laws through decriminalization and legalization of recreational marijuana. This means that the drug can be bought and cultivated for personal use if a person holds a prescription.

Experiences from the Netherlands "We were interested in the effects of the legislation on crime.

Would legalizing marijuana reduce crime

The researchers have used FBI statistics to investigate the effect of the legalization on two types of crime: In the study, they looked at the 18 states that had introduced such laws before Smuggling crosses state boundaries "Comparing data from before and after the legalization, and comparing it with states that have not legalized marijuana gave us a good picture of the effect of the laws," says Gavrilova.

The researchers found a clear decline in both theft and violent crime in the states that legalized marijuana and share a border with Mexico. Much of the drugs that are sold illegally in the USA are smuggled precisely through these states.

There are many reasons for this. For example, you might need to steal a car if you are carrying illegal drugs from Mexico into the USA via California," says Gavrilova. Drug gangs and their rivalry also lead to an increase in crime in border states. Gangs drive through each others' neighbourhoods and fire shots from the windows of the cars in order to scare off their rivals' customers," says Zoutman.

Legalization means loss of income for smugglers When marijuana is legalized, anyone with a prescription can legally buy and collect the drug from a dispensary. The prices are a little higher than on the street, but the quality on the street also varies more.

The marijuana in the dispensaries, on the other hand, is of a more consistent quality, and it is even possible to complain, if necessary. And even though the legalization applies to medical marijuana, it is not difficult to procure the drug.

The drug is used for pain relief, and as pain is subjective, anyone can go to a doctor and say that they are in pain.

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It is also easy to buy prescriptions," says Zoutman. The illegal market feels the effects when many users begin using legal marijuana. The study shows that legalization not only results in less marijuana being smuggled, but that the legislation also affects the amount of cocaine and heroin that is brought into the country.

The study allows generalizations The two researchers believe that the results from the study can be transferred to other countries, including Norway. A larges share of this crime vanishes when a country legalizes the drug. We see no reason for the same not to happen in other countries if they legalize it," says Zoutman.Drug Legalization, Criminalization, and Harm Reduction.

By David The long federal experiment in prohibition of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs has given us unprecedented crime and. Mar 27,  · Legalizing medical marijuana causes no increase in crime, according to a new study. In fact, legalized medical pot may reduce some violent crime, including homicide, University of Texas at Dallas.

Marijuana legalization: Research review on crime and impaired driving (Pixabay/public domain) that some people substitute marijuana for alcohol, which means they drink less. And legalization of marijuana may reduce racial disparity in drug arrests.

Several studies have found reductions in crime after marijuana is legalized for . Colorado Crime Rates Down % Since Legalizing Marijuana.

Legalizing Cannabis Will Reduce Crime By 25%

Latest News. By Christina Sarich. Reduce tax-payer money on crime and use tax-income from marijuana sales to build libraries and schools, heck even a new community park named ‘High Times’ would be apropos.

Unfortunately, no study has examined the effect of legalized medical marijuana on state crime rates across the United States.

The current study sought to fill this gap by assessing the effect of legalized medicinal marijuana on the seven Part I UCR offenses. "Legalization would also provide some control over the market.


It would then be possible to, for example, tax marijuana and, in the same way as alcohol and tobacco, try to curb use through high taxes," says Gavrilova. At the same time, legalization could also increase the use of marijuana.

Its use has risen steadily in the USA during the past decade.

Legalizing Cannabis Will Reduce Crime By 25%