Writing an award winning short story

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Writing an award winning short story

You can submit your short stories to anthologies, magazines, and contests, or publish a collection of three or four of your stories yourself in a short anthology. Or even one really good story, and price it at 99 cents. You can also get together with other authors in your genre and each contribute a story for an anthology, as did Kill Zone authors inwith Fresh Kills, Tales from The Kill Zone.

Keep the story tight. Unlike a novel or even a novella, a short story is about just a small slice of life, with one story thread and one theme.

Create a complex, charismatic main character, one readers will care about. Your protagonist should be multi-dimensional and at least somewhat sympathetic, so readers can relate to him and start bonding with him right away.

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He should be charismatic, with plenty of personality, but give him a human side, with some inner conflict and vulnerability, so readers identify with him and start worrying about him immediately. Give your protagonist a burning desire.

What does she want more than anything? This is the basis for your story goal, the driving force of your story. Decide what your character is most afraid of.

writing an award winning short story

What does your hero regret most? What is his biggest fear? What is he most afraid might happen? Give him some baggage and secrets. Create a main conflict or challenge for your protagonist.

Put her in hot water right away, on the first page, so the readers start worrying about her early on. A good way is to journal in his voice.

Create an antagonist and a few interesting supporting characters. Give each of your characters a distinct personality, with their own agenda, hopes, accomplishments, fears, insecurities and secrets, and add some individual quirks to bring each of them to life.

Supporting and minor characters should be quite different from your protagonist, for contrast. To enter and win contests, make your character and story unique and memorable. Try to jolt or awe the readers somehow, with a unique, charismatic, even quirky or weird character; a unique premise or situation; and an unexpected, even shocking revelation and plot twist.

Experiment — take a chance. Start right out in the head of your main character. Put your character in motion right away. Having her interacting with someone else is usually best—much more dynamic than starting with a character alone, musing.

Also, best not to start with your character just waking up or in an everyday situation or on the way to somewhere. Use close point of view. Get up close and personal with your main character and tell the whole story from his point of view.

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the first time the award committee. Stories about Spacewalks at the world's best story site. Check out the best amateur writing today! If you're like me and love a good short story, you're in luck — here are all of the Hugo Award winning and nominated short stories and novelettes that are online for you to read right now, totally free.

For Kids By Kids - Award winning stories from the Scholastic Writing Awards - featuring selected award recipients - showcases the new and exciting voices of our country's best writers between the ages of ten and sixteen. Local children’s writer and NWS member, Steve Katon, will be running coaching sessions on Saturday 15th December with the aim of equipping would-be entrants with all the tools they need to write an award-winning short story.

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