Youtube case study

They saw a net increase in subscribers on their YouTube channel, as well as increased brand lift and consideration. The Sonic became the best-selling sub-compact car in the US. Later, Chevrolet also retargeted its "Skydive" video against Red Bull's "Stratos" video, leading to 9.

Youtube case study

How brands are marketing through videos? Here we see various YouTube case studies wherein brands have used the Youtube case study platform to promote their products and services for maximum reach.

Until recently, YouTube was just known as a platform to share and view all kinds of videos. YouTube is the most popular video library with videos posted and viewed by users worldwide.

More than just movie trailers and online tutorials, YouTube has also become one of the most vital online marketing channels.

YouTube case studies: How brands are marketing through videos!

Brands are now creating their YouTube accounts to accelerate outreach to potential customers and better online promotions. GE A social media mammoth, GE is very well-known for their strategy of constantly adopting cutting edge social media channels to directly connect with their customers.

Youtube case study

One of the most popular YouTube case studies of GE sees GE requesting content by users and showcases them across its social media pages. The brand uses videos and images revolving around every aspect of its business as an online marketing technique.

Catch their commercials, expert interviews, or learn about their future and current technology. Eric The Car Guy Yes! You heard that right! Like GE, he might not have millions of dollars or professional video-making capabilities.

But Eric owns a wonderful website where you can find car parts and DIY help. His YouTube channel features some odd how-to videos for automobile-based repairs.

Given all these tactics, Eric is able to garner impressive reach on YouTube for his brand. You can see that the videos are neither fancy nor exaggerated, but simple yet much informative.

Cat helps its customers with highly durable and reliable equipments. They are the best distribution and after-sales services provider across a handsome range of capital goods.

Caterpillar has a very unusual but unforgettable way of showcasing its products on the social media platforms. It also features equipment safety tips and other useful information as far as equipment handling and usage is concerned. All in all, Caterpillar Equipments have a well-maintained YouTube channel with explanatory videos.

Both kinds of videos work big-time when you wish to connect with your audience at a whole new level. And Photorec Tony takes a cue from the same strategy of brand promotion.Case Study: YouTube and HTML5 Video • Switched to HTML5 video delivery in January • Offers H and VP9 video via MPEG-DASH to consumersMedia Source Extensions.

5 Year Pure YouTube Case Study. This graph shows the results of the Molio model to build the brand online via a cadence of content and focus on hyper-targeted media buying to .

Youtube case study

The rate of noncore food advertising on YouTube in this case study was found to be lower than that of television ( vs. 47 ads per hour) in Malaysia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. 15 Despite this, we argue that YouTube may prove to be a much more potent marketing medium than television for several reasons.

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Our members achieve more as part of our community through network information, education, stewardship and advocacy. The YouTube Case Study I have not scraped the bottom of the barrel on the range of policy issues that social media companies deal with, but the broad categories are in place.

Now let’s get into specifics of how social media companies have answered these questions through policy, implementation and resource allocation. Fujitsu works with some of the world's leading brands. Discover how Fujitsu is supporting its customers to enable their continued success.

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